Spring Green is a boutique plant consultancy in Bangalore directed by Sameera Noaman. It was conceived in 2006 with the intention of implementing sustainable practices in propagating plant species sustainably and economically for The Prestige Group. Over the years, it has successfully established itself as an independent nursery with strong alliances in the realm of landscape design.
The Group is committed to increasing and sustaining Bangalore’s greenery, on both ecological and aesthetic grounds. The nursery is located in the outskirts of Bangalore with a comprehensive plant bank spanning an array of plants. It holds trees, plants, shrubs, for indoor & outdoor planting and is consistently being updated in it’s horticultural practices in plant propagation.
Spring Green not only focuses on it’s nursery but also provides the services of landscape design followed by installation, execution and maintenance. Spring Green takes pride in collaborating with clients and designers to satisfy the requirements of a happy client! It’s focus is on making green living easy, affordable, elegant and most of all, eco-friendly.

About the Director

Sameera Noaman, Director, Spring Green, plays a pivotal role in the design process that distinguishes each project’s landscape. Having strong ties with the Prestige Group, Sameera began her contribution to Bangalore by collaborating her passion for plants with Bangalore’s urban landscape. Her passion for and knowledge of horticulture and her commitment to using it
 to fostering Bangalore’s ‘greenness’ are what have led her to establishing Spring Green and its various services.

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